Friday December 4th, 2009
An Evening with

Fred Wilhelm ~ Lori McKenna
Mark Erelli ~ Catie Curtis

(L to R.) Granby Education Foundation Chair Trish Percival, Musicians Fred Wilhelm, Lori McKenna, Mark Erelli and Catie Curtis, Event Chair Susan Accetura



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A review by Jeff Giles at
...Fairly straightforward Nashville blue-collar storytelling stuff? Sure. Under different circumstances, I’m not even sure the song would have resonated with me at all. But there in the Granby Memorial High School Auditorium, I was blown away — first by McKenna, then by Mark Erelli’s ferocious, mandolin-backed “Baltimore,” and so on and so forth, on through the night. I was never anything less than captivated. I was probably most surprised by Erelli, simply because of my (totally incorrect) pre-conceived notions of his work; my favorite number of the evening was “Once,” a song inspired by the birth of his son...

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