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Spring 2011

~The first grant of the Spring 2011 cycle, in the amount of $1,800, was awarded to Citizens for a Better Granby, at the request of Rosemarie Weber, to aid in the presentation of the documentary film “Race to Nowhere”.  This documentary addresses the challenges and stresses facing children in the current educational and community systems, with the hope of opening dialogue among families, community agencies, and the variety of educators who touch the lives of children.  A panel discussion will follow the screening.


~The GEF is pleased to present $1,300 to Granby Memorial High School, at the request of Susan Clark, to facilitate a student collaborative project in the development and distribution of student produced merchandise.  Students in fine arts, business, technology, and family and consumer sciences will create, market, and distribute products, developing leadership skills and learning the steps of entrepreneurial business ventures. See items.

~The Granby Parks and Recreation Department, in conjunction with Valorie Hollister, has received $1,900 for materials to offer “Risas y Sonrisas” (Laughter and Smiles), an introductory course in Spanish language and culture.  This afterschool program will offer third through sixth grade students at both Kelly Lane and Wells Road Intermediate Schools a multi-sensory approach to learning and retaining vocabulary and pronunciation with the introduction of practical conversation.  Developed in consultation with Superintendent of Schools Alan Addley, this program will provide a basis for continued language development once students reach the formal language program in seventh grade.

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~The Social Studies Department of GMHS has received $7,118 for the purchase of 30 7” Android Tablet PCs to facilitate learning and the move to a paperless environment.  Teacher Joe Jarvis indicates that the continued challenge of providing new textbooks would be virtually eliminated as current textbook databases allow educators eBooks customized for their classrooms.  The PC based tablets would also circumvent the shortage of computer availability at the high school level, while allowing collaboration on projects and immediate interaction and assessment between students and educators.

~In the same vein, Kelly Lane has requested and received $2,140 for the purchase of five Kineo Android Tablets.  These tablets are specifically designed for use by a younger student population and are loaded with interactive lessons correlated to Connecticut standards and Common Core curriculum.  This pilot will be facilitated by Laurie Smith, Technical Specialist, and special education teacher Lindsay Madsen.