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Spring 2012

Two grants were awarded to Granby school teachers to pilot the use of iPad technology in the district. 

~ Kristin LaFlamme & Susan Gleason received $960 to explore the daily use of iPads in both large and small group instruction using math, language arts, and logic applications. 

~ Diana Gascon, a remedial reading teacher at Kearns School, received $1,234 for the use of iPads during routine intervention services to improve students’ fluency, phonemic awareness, and phonics.


~Mark Acquaotta was awarded $4,500 for the purchase and installation of a traverse wall at Wells Road School.  This addition will greatly enhance the physical education curriculum by not only building students’ upper body and core strength but also by emphasizing teamwork, communication, trust, and confidence.  It will also align the physical education offerings with those of Kelly and Kearns Schools which already use traverse walls.


~Rob Faber of Wells Road School was awarded $3,000 as seed money to establish the Well-Fit Kids Club.  This after school program will be available to all 3rd-6th graders and will promote healthy lifelong habits such as:  fitness and athleticism, nutrition, focus, perseverance,  and goal setting and achievement.