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Fall 2013

Musical Technology:  The Music Department of Kelly and Wells Road Schools was awarded $654 for the purchase of an iPad that will give the staff, which travel between the schools and use a variety of spaces, the ability to enhance their curriculum.  Using a variety of applications, it will be possible to: compose, edit, and share original compositions; practice reading and writing music; record performances for assessment; function as a music library and provide accompaniment for students during rehearsals; and even act as an instrument for students who are physically challenged.

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Weather Stations:  The Granby Public School system was granted $3,000 to purchase two weather stations which have been installed at the Salmon Brook Ecology Center (located on the GMMS/GMHS campus) and at Granby’s partner school in Hartland.  These web-based stations will expand the use of the Ecology Center into all classrooms throughout the district, providing real-time data for use in a variety of curriculums including science, broadcast, and world language.    

The stations include: Thermometers, barometers, anemometers, hygrometers, and wind vanes.  The data collected will support many areas of curriculum, including science, morning broadcasts, and world language.  It will also expand the use of the ecology center as the data will be available to all of the schools in the district via the internet and will be on-going throughout the entire year. Click here for a live link to the Granby site.

Nutritional Education:  Holcomb Farm’s Fresh Access Program, in partnership with the Granby Senior Center and Granby Memorial High School’s Culinary Arts Program, was awarded $1,500 as seed money to establish a program of intergenerational culinary programming.  These will include cooking demonstrations, nutrition education, and events that bring students and seniors together to improve the health, knowledge, and vitality of the community.


Percussion Program:  Valley Pre-School was awarded $400 to sponsor a percussion program which allows children to have a direct and hands on experience with a variety of cultures through music and a diversity of instruments.  This grant was made possible by the Nannie Brown Tribute Fund

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Robotics Club:  Wells Road Intermediate School was granted $1,475 as seed money to establish a FLL Robotics team for fifth and sixth grade students. This activity will tap the critical thinking skills through fun “game-like” challenges and will provide the students with an opportunity to work collaboratively while creating solutions to real world problems.

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