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Spring 2015

One School, One Book:  Wells Road School was awarded $1,725 in grant monies to pilot this family literacy program that allows a school to create a school-wide book club.  Students will have a shared reading experience with their peers, teachers, and family that aims at improving their attitude toward reading and their depth of understanding of the material.  (Application submitted by:  Anna Forlenza-Bailey – Wells Road School Principal)

Summer Reading Program:  A grant of $1,660 was provided to Kearns Primary School to develop and pilot a summer reading platform for the reading intervention/support program which will address the issue of “summer slide” in which students experience a decrease of abilities over the summer months. (Application submitted by:  Sarah Schrandt – Kearns School Reading Specialist)


History Day:  GMMS was awarded $1,600 to establish a formal club which will participate in the national History Day Program which encourages exploration of local, state, national, and world history.   This enrichment opportunity allows students to conduct extensive research while completing an in-depth project related to an annual theme.  Students will then compete at regional and national competitions. This grant was made possible by the Cal Heminway Tribute Fund. (Application submitted by:  Jodi Okenquist – GMMS History Teacher)