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Winter 2015

GoPro Video Cameras:  $2,500 was granted to GMHS to fund the purchase of ten GoPro video cameras to be used by the school population.  Video projects are currently used in all disciplines across the curriculum and, as more colleges and universities introduce the concept of e-portfolios to demonstrate and archive student work, the need for up to date technology that is available to all students grows. (Application submitted by: Casey LaPlante – GMHS Media Specialist)

Paleontology Lab:  GMHS was awarded $2,630 for the purchase of accurately recreated skulls from some of the most important hominids and primates in history.  These supplies will make it possible for history students to perform experiments that previously required a trip to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and will allow them a more in depth experience in the classroom.  (Application submitted by: Joseph Jarvis – GMHS Social Studies Teacher)

Writing Workshop:  Writing expert Barry Lane spent a hands-on day at Wells Road School working with the fifth grade students on writing strategies including; content, elaboration and revision.  He then conducted an after-school workshop for teachers from both Wells Road and Kelly Lane schools.  A grant for $2,700 was awarded to fund this motivational and educational program.  (Application submitted by: Cynthia Garrey – Wells Road Language Arts Teacher)

Ride to Read Program:  $1,200 in seed money was granted to the Granby Public School District to pilot this program which is designed to increase reading proficiency, brain function, and the ability to focus while incorporating physical activity.  (Application submitted by:  Patricia Law – GPS Head of Curriculum)