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Fall 2016

GMHS & GMMS Robotics Program: $5,000 was granted. This is the second and final installation of our funding commitment, matching BOE support. (Application submitted by: Caron Kempf – Granby Memorial Middle School)

Mobile STEAM Enrichment: $538 was granted to create a mobile enrichment cart which would provide students the opportunity to explore robotics, mathematics, language arts and science through technology. (Application submitted by: Katie Busbey & Laurie Smith, Wells Road Intermediate School)

STEAM Across the District: $7,275.17 granted to expand programs, curriculum and community connections related to STEAM. Specifically, to add MakerSpace programs to Wells Rd & GMMS, to expand existing MakerSpace programs at Kelly Lane & GMHS, to initiate a science in art program at GMHS involving dichroic glass and to present & demonstrate STEAM initiatives to the community.  (Application submitted by: Patricia D. Law, Director, Curriculum & Professional Development )

The Maker Lab:  $1000 granted.  This is a continuation of funds for a program initiated with a partial GEF grant in January.  The MakerLab has been very successful at GMHS and additional funds would help to complete the original plan.  (Application submitted by: Hollie Hecht & Casey LaPlante, Granby Memorial High School)

Caldecott Award Winner Aaron Becker:  $2,210 granted to host Aaron Becker, Caldecott winning author and illustrator of the Journey trilogy.  He will speak to students about the writing process, with a focus on editing, revising, storytelling and using one’s imagination. (Application submitted by: Joy Cloukey, Susan Gleason & Laurie Smith, Wells Road School)

Butterfly Garden: $1000 granted to create a butterfly garden in the large courtyard of Kelly Lane Primary School for classes of students to use to enhance science-related skills as well as general classroom study.
(Application submitted by: Amy Lupoli, Kelly Lane Primary School)

Alternative Student Workstations: Standing Desks: $4,178.10 granted to purchase 8 double and 2 single standing desks and stools for use in 4 identified classrooms.  These have been shown to enhance the learning environment by supporting different learning styles among students.  (Application submitted by: Anna Forlenza-Bailey, Principal, Wells Road Int. School)