Who We Are:

The Granby Education Foundation (GEF) is a nonprofit organization that nourishes educational excellence by raising private funds in support of innovative educational initiatives for people of all ages in Granby and surrounding towns. The GEF is directed by an all-volunteer board and supported by contributions from residents, businesses, and other charitable organizations.

GEF Board of Directors

Chair: Ben Perron                      
Vice Chair: 
Treasurer:  Katie Goodrow
Asst. Treasurer: Thomas Proctor
Secretary:  Mary Munsell


Alan Addley*
Kimberly Becker
Rebecca Brewer*
Susan Canavan
Michelle DeGagne
Jenny Emery*
Cindy Garrey*
Kristina Gilton
Cal Heminway
Karen McNey
Doreen McWhirter
Amy Milbrandt
Ken Mouning
Deb Ranicar
David A. Schupp
Janice Stingle
Kathy Ungerleider
Al Wilke
Maureen Williams

*Denotes ex-officio member

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