Q:  Is the GEF part of the Granby Public School system?
A:  No.  The GEF is an all volunteer, non profit 501(c)(3) organization that is separate from the school system. 

Q:  When was the GEF established?
A:  In 2000.

Q:  Who are the "Friends of the Foundation"?
A:  The Friends are community members, like yourself, who participate in volunteer opportunities by assisting the GEF with its many activities throughout the year.

Q:  Do you have to be a teacher to apply for a grant?
A:  No.  The GEF accepts grant proposals from any nonprofit organization.  If you are not affiliated with a nonprofit, you may contact the GEF for help in partnering with an appropriate organization for your project.  

Q:  What is the Arts Endowment?
A:  The Arts Endowment has been established as a permanent source of funding for quality arts programming that will expose multiple generations of our community to exemplary works of art in all forms.

Q:  What has the GEF accomplished?
A:  The GEF funded and established the Salmon Brook Ecology Center ($350,000), created the Arts Endowment ($200,000), and has awarded approximately $100,000 in Community Grants.


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