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Gran-Bee 2018 Photographs by John Adams

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Gran-Bee 2018 Program

Gran-Bee 2017 Photographs by John Adams

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Gran-Bee 2017 Program

Gran-Bee 2016 Photographs by John Adams

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Gran-Bee 2016 Program

Gran-Bee 2015 Photographs by John Adams.

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Gran-Bee 2014 Photographs by Kristina Gilton.

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Gran-Bee 2013 Photographs by Kathy Brown.

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Gran-Bee 2012 Photographs by John Adams.

2011 Gran-Bee news
For the eighth time, the annual GEF Gran-Bee Trivia Contest drew a cheering crowd to the auditorium of Granby Memorial High School. Twenty-six teams gathered in support of the event, which is the primary fundraising vehicle for the Foundation’s Community Grant Program. Gran-Bee committee co-chair Frania Fairchild facilitated the question and answer portion of the evening, ably leading teams through five swarms of play to the championship round. Questions ranged from actresses in Bruce Springsteen videos to the names of Chinese parlor games to the nationality of fictional characters in literature—all leading to the victory of team Bee S’s, sponsored by Tony Bussman Painting. The second-time winners were gracious in victory and clearly happy to be back at the top of the hive. The GEF greatly appreciates the support of the sponsors, participants, volunteers, and attendees whose continued loyalty to the Bee helped raise approximately $12,000 for our General Fund!

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2010 (The Granby Drummer)
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2008 (The Granby Drummer)

Photographs by John Adams, GranBee 2010

Photographs by John Adams, 2009 (below)

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