Hall of Fame
s2017 winners
The Holcomb Harvesters
Eric Lukingbeal, Sally King, and Karyn Corder
s2017 Yellow Jacket Crown winners
The Worker Bees
Jeff Gilton, Glenn Cusano, Steve Newman
win 2011
  2017 Swarm winners: 
Swarm 1. The Quizzards (Granby Senior Center) (sponsors: Karen McNey and Rebecca Brewer)
Swarm 2. Bee-Sox (sponsor: Karen McNey)
Swarm 3. The Drones (sponsor: Lost Acres Orchard)
Swarm 4. The Drummer Bees (sponsor: Granby Drummer - Citizens for a Better Granby)
Swarm 5. Bee Sharp (Marquis of Granby) (sponsor: Granby Dental Center, Dr. Michael Ungerleider, The DeGagne Family)
Swarm 6: Holcomb Harvesters (sponsor: Friends of Holcomb Farm)

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Gran-Bee 2017 Program (player names, team names, sponsors and more)

2016 winners
The Bee S's
Shirley Edbrooke, Tony Bussman, and Gail Altschwager
2016 Yellow Jacket Crown winners
The Bee-verly Hillbillies
Steve Newman, Jeff Gilton, Glenn Cusano
win 2011

Swarm winners: 
Swarm 1. Bee-Gees (sponsor: Now Errands and More, LLC)
Swarm 2. B-Sharps (sponsor: Mark Fiorentino)
Swarm 3. Bee-Prepared (sponsor: Sue Canavan)
Swarm 4. O-BEE Wan KanoBEE (sponsor: Fred Jones)
Swarm 5. Bee-S (sponsor: Tony Bussman Painting Company)

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Gran-Bee 2016 Program

2015 winners
The Lost Acres Drones
Mark Neumann, Rich Accetura, Tom McGuire
2015 Yellow Jacket Crown winners
Steve Migneault, Mike Dunn, Jim Whitten
win 2011

2015 Swarm winners: 

Swarm 1. C.R.D.T.'s (Granby Senior Club)
Swarm 2. The Madd Hatters (Dave Schupp)
Swarm 3. The Lost Acres Drones (Lost Acres Orchard)
Swarm 4. Granby Rovers (Granby Rovers)
Swarm 5. Pirates of the CariBEEan (The Gilton Family)

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2014 winners
Bee-ber Fever!
Jeff Gilton, Steve Newman, Glenn Cusano
2014 Yellow Jacket Crown winners
Bee-ber Fever!
Jeff Gilton, Steve Newman, Glenn Cusano
win 2011

2014 Swarm winners:
Swarm 1. Gran-Bee Rovers (Granby Rovers)
Swarm 2. The Drones (Lost Acres Orchard)
Swarm 3. The Bee S's (Tony Bussman Painting)
Swarm 4. Bee-ber Fever (The Gilton Family)
Swarm 5. The Yogi Bears (Jenny Emery)

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2013 winners
The Bee S's!
Gail Altschwager , Tony Bussman, and Shirley Edbrooke
2013 Yellow Jacket Crown winners
The Hive Breakers
Becca Hayes , Emily Uhl, and Allie Spica
win 2011
  2013 Swarm winners:
Swarm 1. The Bad News Bees (Granby Little League)
Swarm 2. The Lost Acres Orchard Drones (Lost Acres Orchard)
Swarm 3. We BEElieve (GMHS Football Supporters)
Swarm 4. The Cowgirls (Edwards, Hall and Spatcher families)
Swarm 5. The Bee S's (Tony Bussman Painting)

Swarm 5. Gran-Bee Rovers (Granby Rovers)

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2012 winners
The Incredi-Bees!
Jamie Ranicar, Maura Borsecnik, Gary Ebersole
2012 Yellow Jacket Crown winners
The Zom-Bees!
Glenn Cusano, Cathy Gilmore, Dan Schultheis
win 2011

2012 Swarm winners:
Swarm 1. The Incredi-Bees
Swarm 2. The Pollinators
Swarm 3. Drummer Bees
Swarm 4. The Drones
Swarm 5. The Bee S's

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2011 winners
The BEE S's
Gail Altschwager , Tony Bussman, and Shirley Edbrooke

2011 Yellow Jacket Crown winners
The Music Man Pick-a-Little Ladies
 Amy Stupienski, Erin Drennan and Isabella Dewey
win 2011
2011 Swarm winners:
Swarm 1. The Wanna BEEs
Swarm 2. The BEE S's
Swarm 3. The Drones
Swarm 4. BEEn There, Done That
Swarm 5. The Pollinators



2010 winners, "BEEn There Done That"!
Bob Wielgoszinski, Jim Pillow, & Duncan Rowles
2010 Yellow Jacket Crown winners, "Think Tank". Jim Whitten, Steve Mignault, & Russ Bombard
2009 winners - "The Bee "S"s
2008 winners and 2007 winners, The Drones!
  EMCEE Hall of Fame
  2017 Emcee, Alan Addley 2014, 2015, 2016 Emcee, B. Scott Kuhnly
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  2013 Emcee, Tom Sullivan 2012 & 2010 Emcee, Carolyn Taylor
mc y
  2011 Emcee, Frania Fairchild  
  Thank you to Bill Percival, GranBee Emcee 2004-2009!
One of the GranBee's many highlights is Granby’s own Bill Percival who has served as Master of Ceremonies. In 2004, he made his debut as the Nutty Professor, walking in on the unsuspecting crowd dressed in a lab coat with glasses, messy hairdo and hilarious false teeth. For the next several years the crowd was no longer unsuspecting but rather anticipating because everyone knew that Mr. Percival would not disappoint. Other roles played included: Boston Red Sox batting coach Ron Jackson, Carnac the Great, “Snape,” the potion master at Hogwarts from the popular Harry Potter books complete with a bagpipe processional. His entrance in 2009 went multimedia and was accompanied by a "Rocky" inspired opening video on the big screen. Thank you, Bill, for your years of dedication to this worthwhile and exciting town event!
  Judges Hall of Fame
  2017 Judges: Erin Pirro (Sepe Farm), Kate Bogli (Maple View farm), Michelle Neidermeyer (Lost Acres Vineyard) 2016 Judges: Rev. Sandra Fischer, Rev. Ginny McDaniel, Pastor Clark Pfaff
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  2015 Judges: Dave Emery, Kim McCord, Bob Bystrowski 2014 Judges : Mr. Mike Dunn, Dr. Mary Gadd, Dr. Mark Foley
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  2013 Judges : Mr. Wayne Bindas, Mrs. Jen Burkhart, Mr. Bill Simanski 2012 Judges: Mr. Alan Addley, Mrs. Jenny Emery and Mr. Bob Gilbert
  2010 Judges: Dr. Ginny Austin, Susan Sojka, and Kerry Kielbasa 2011 Judges: Dr. Patricia Law, Kimberly Dessert, and Dr. Anna Forlenza-Bailey,
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