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The Granby Education Foundation (GEF) accomplishes its mission through its grant programs which provide our community with exceptional opportunities for enrichment. See Brochure.

Community Grants
The GEF's Community Grants Program provides fiscal support for innovative and creative educational projects that will increase knowledge and skills, expand perspectives and enrich understanding.
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Arts Endowment Grants
The Endowment has reached its initial goal of $200,000 in cash and pledges!  (Fall 2009)  The GEF has now established a permanent source of funding in support of artistic initiatives for our community.
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*NEW* - Mini Grants

Granby Education Foundation Mini Grants are monetary grants up to $750 with a streamlined application process and turnaround time of one month or less. Applications will be accepted from September 1st to May 31st. Mini Grant applications will be evaluated using the same criteria as Community and Arts Endowment grants. The committee will be looking for grants that are innovative, educational, and help to create dynamic learning environments. Mini Grant awards or denials will be completed no later than 30 days from the time of grant submission and outcome communicated to the applicant.

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The GEF funds programs that:
 ~Illustrate innovation and creativity,
 ~Enrich educational offerings; and
 ~Offer unique learning opportunities.

In addition, grant proposals should:
 ~Have a clearly defined action plan,
 ~Provide appropriate evaluation criteria; and
 ~Demonstrate breadth of impact.

Grants are not intended to replace or relieve the existing responsibility for public funding of school programs, nor are they intended to replace regular budget growth and maintenance. Grants do not cover field trips OR salaries, stipends, or professional development costs for non-profit employees and volunteers. 

Grants are made to nonprofit organizations.  If you, as an individual, have an idea for an innovative program but are not affiliated with a nonprofit organization, please contact the GEF for assistance in finding an appropriate partner.  Some examples of past partners for grants are our public schools, town departments such as Granby Youth Services and the Granby Senior Center, and nonprofit organizations such as Holcomb Farm, Granby Artists Association, and the Salmon Brook Historical Society. 

All proposals are reviewed by a committee of the GEF's board of directors and voted on by the board.  Awards are based on the merits of each proposal and the ability of the GEF to fund them.  Partial funding may be awarded. 

See Brochure.

Deadlines: Proposals for all grant programs are accepted on a rolling basis, September 1st to June 1st.

Application for Community Grant or Arts Endowment Grant
Grant Application Form (PDF format)
Grant Application Form (Word format)
Application for Mini Grant
Mini Grant Application Form (PDF format)
Mini Grant Application Form (Word format)
GEF Photographic Policy and Waiver form



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